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Assure the long-term use of your valuable data

We are specialized in the conversion of vendor specific in long-lasting neutral data formats. Facilities and machinery often have a lifetime of 30 years or more. For operation, reconstruction or laying a comprehensive documentation is absolutely necessary.

Archive data in neural long-lasting formats

Normally the archiving of data takes place in vendor or software specific format which where up-to-date this point in time. If plant operators want to use this data couple of years later, these formats are potentially not readable anymore. The reasons for this are manifold: the software reached the end of its lifecycle and is no longer supported by the vendor, another planning office was instructed or you migrated to a new software landscape in the meantime.

Therefore we recommend to archive data in long-lasting and vendor independent format. We consult you, which data archiving approach fits to your individual needs.

UNITEC Plant Information System - get the most out of your data

With our unique Plant Information System we create the possibility to store and maintain your data in central information hub. Automated workflow will help you to store your data in neutral formats. You don’t have to take care of manual archiving processes anymore. Furthermore the planning and operating data can be made available for engineering and maintenance processes.

For example, so far implemented uses cases are an interface check when replacing sub assemblies or an automated generation of parts lists for spare and wear parts. Reporting and visualization of operating/working data can be used for quality management, process monitoring or preventive maintenance.

Data not readable anymore - What can we do now?

In many projects we have recovered data that had been seemed lost. We have developed worldwide unique interface solutions that allow to convert and import big volumes of data in economical use cases.

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