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Sharepoint for data management

Smooth information exchange by a data management solution based on Microsoft Sharepoint


Migration and integration of company-wide CAD data management into an existing Microsoft Sharepoint.


Data transfer from an existing data management solution that needs to be replaced into Microsoft Sharepoint. In a second step engineering processes need to be integrated into Sharepoint Workflows. Existing and well established workflows have to be integrated without changes.


On basis of Microsoft Sharepoint a solid and above all sustainable data management solution was established that integrates seamlessly into the existing system landscape. Many spots that caused friction loss in the distribution of information were eliminated.

Our solution

A project plan was developed on basis of a detailed analyze of the old data management solution and the existing infrastructure and landscape that

  • showed the potential for integration,
  • explained the implementation steps and
  • documented important milestones of the project.

Special importance was attached to the integration in the existing Microsoft Sharepoint infrastructure because all employees of the company already used this as a central data storage solution. Furthermore an interface to the company own SAP-System was already present.

After workflows and interfaces were modeled in Sharepoint, documents and information were transferred from the old solution. New workflows were designed the way that an automated data distribution to other external processes and systems was guaranteed.


For this case study the CAD-System Solid Edge was integrated into our data management solution on basis of Microsoft Sharepoint. We have vendor independent and interdisciplinary experience with requirement specific data management solutions for your system landscape and projects.

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