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Enabling digitalisation and collaboration

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We provide solutions and services.

Collaborating seamlessly across those project teams and systems, across data formats from different vendors and disciplines.

Software development
  • Increase productivity more competitive reduce costs
License management
  • Contract optimization
  • Reducing costs
  • Risk minimization
  • Simplify procurement
System Integration
  • Data Connect
  • Cloud Integration
2D P&ID/3D-Migration
  • Data migaration with high data quality, minimal rework and data security
Seminars & Training
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Product knowledge
  • Higher productivity
Service and support
  • Quick help
  • New versions
  • Troubleshooting

Collaboration - PLM - Digital twin - Industry 4.0

We integrate systems from leading software vendors and connect business processes

including legacy data formats.

and others

Solutions for collaboration - PLM - Digital twin - Industry 4.0

News & Media

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Plant Integration using the example of AVEVA 3D
With our intelligent interface from UNITEC for AVEVA PDMS, you can continue to work in your well known system.
Production engineering in vehicle manufacturing
UNITEC has succeeded in significantly reducing production preparation in vehicle manufacturing.
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Max Bögl: Manufacturing + PLM = Innovation
Thanks to UNITEC's support, the Max Bögl group of companies can work faster and more competitively.
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