Software License Consulting

When your company purchases software, it enters into a license agreement with the licensor upon installation or initial access. These end-user license agreements specify how the product may be used and, in addition to the licensor's automatic rights, contain various risks to your organization, such as data security breaches, employee liability, unplanned expenses due to non-compliance, and unfavourable legal positions. 

There are many types of licensing models that assess software usage based on different criteria. For example, a user license is an agreement that the software can be used by a specific person, machine-based licenses allow installation on a specific device, etc. Companies need to be clear about how they use and deploy software to comply with their license agreement. However, this is easier said than done as organizations today deploy multiple software solutions across departments, devices, distributed networks and the cloud.

To avoid the legal and financial risks that can come with breaching end-user license agreements, organizations must have an active software license management program.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Optimize license, procurement and contract terms
  • Control usage and costs with software standards and policies
  • Save costs with usage-based licenses
  • Identify overcapacities and redistribute or cancel unused licenses
  • Standardize support and license management, save on costs and expenses
  • Detect and avoid under-licensing or overuse
  • Efficiently create documents for compliance audits or license checks

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