Highly automated digitization of the P&I diagrams with high data quality, appropriate digitization effort, minimal rework and high data security for consistent plant documentation and comprehensive information management

2D P&ID Migration services

We provide you with an integrated total solution for 2D migration based on industry standards and configuration of the target system.

With worldwide unique interface technologies we can transfer planning data into neutral formats or any target system. Many plant engineers and planning offices have been surprised by a necessary migration step in recent years due to expiration of manufacturer support or changed system requirements. We recommend not to wait until a system migration becomes inevitable, but to react early and proactively. 

In addition to avoiding risks such as a system failure or data loss, you can already benefit from the technological progress of recent years by using new products. 

At UNITEC, every migration project begins with a kick-off workshop. This not only helps to clarify relevant questions, but also provides an excellent basis for defining corporate standards and the correct configuration of the target system.

Your advantages:

  • Reduction of error sources
  • improvement in quality
  • Optimized business processes
  • Fast access to the data
  • Improved data consistency
  • Acceleration of digital transformation and Asset lifecycle management integration
  • Shorten production times

Our 2D P&ID migration services at a glance:

  • 2D P&ID/ISO15926-conversion from/to AutoCAD - AUTODESK
  • 2D P&ID/ISO15926-conversion from/to AutoCAD P&ID - AUTODESK
  • 2D P&ID/ISO15926-conversion from/to AVEVA Diagrams - AVEVA
  • 2D P&ID/ISO15926-conversion from/to COMOS P&ID (service) - COMOS
  • 2D P&ID/ISO15926-conversion from Intergraph PDS2D - HEXAGON
  • 2D P&ID/ISO15926-conversion from Microstation - Bentley
  • 2D P&ID/ISO15926-conversion from/to SmartPlant P&ID - HEXAGON
  • 2D P&ID/ISO15926-conversion from/to SmartSketch - HEXAGON
  • 2D P&ID/ISO15926-conversion from/to VISIO - Microsoft