[Translate to English:] Aveva System Integrator

UNITEC is data migration and development partner of Aveva

Our solutions and services enable and accelerate digital transformation. Data reuse and replacement of legacy design systems, cross-vendor integration and interdisciplinary data exchange.

From business process automation, e.g. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to development and migration services. (Territory: Global Business)

Our Expertise:

  • AVEVA Engineering
  • AVEVA Diagrams
  • AVEVA E3D Design

Our Solutions:

  • Architecture-Interface for AVEVA 3D (ADT)
  • Structural-Interface for AVEVA 3D (SDNF)
  • Piping-Interface for AVEVA 3D (ISO)
  • Mechanical-Interfaces for AVEVA 3D (STEP)
  • Integration for AVEVA Engineering (AML)
  • 2D P&ID/ISO15926-conversion for AVEVA Diagrams (service)
  • 3D Model conversion for AVEVA Diagrams (Service)
  • Specs & Catalogs-creation for AVEVA 3D  (Service)
  • PLM-Integration for AVEVA (ISO15926/JT)
  • Navisworks-Interface for AVEVA 3D (NW-Exporter)

Here you can find an overview of the industry standards and file formats we use.