Cintoo Authorized Reseller Partner

UNITEC is data integration and development partner of Cintoo

Cintoo  enables users to measure, compare BIM or CAD with ‘as-built’ scans, append work notes, and monitor issues.

We can integrate Cintoo's technology with software from world-leading vendors, including:

  • Trimble Inc.
  • Autodesk
  • Hexagon AB
  • Siemens PLM Software
  • SAP

When combined with the Autodesk Construction Cloud or other data sources like spreadsheets, databases, PLM/ERP systems, IoT data, and video feeds, it facilitates the swift and cost-efficient setup of a digital twin.

The point cloud provides an "as-built" model, eliminating the necessity for 3D CAD data. However, if 3D CAD data is available, it can be overlaid for enhanced detail. This is useful to document and communicate differences or to update your model to your as-built.

To maximize the benefits of Cintoo's technology:

  • Integration with other data sources and applications is crucial.
  • Users can access information such as maintenance details or live data directly 
  • For instance, a user working within an ERP window and viewing asset attributes can effortlessly open and view the corresponding asset in the digital twin.
  • Automated asset tagging in laser scans with AI

Our Expertise:

  • Cintoo CSD (Collaborate, Share & Distribute)
  • Cintoo BCM (BIM/CAD Module)
  • Cintoo ATD (Asset Tagging Module)

Our Solutions:

  • Biderectional integtation to Autodesk Construction Clould Assets
  • Integration to  ERP, PLM, SQL DB 
  • Model import/export to CAD-, CAE- and BIM models

Here you can find an overview of the industry standards and file formats we use.